Everyone has a dream and as we grow up we learn to give up on them and are told that to dream is a waste of time. But I recently encountered a bunch of crazy dreamers who yearn to express themselves through dance and other creative forms. It was an incredible coming together of dreams as Studio Antara celebrated its annual day on 25th December 2016, in Lovely Professional University. It was a showcase event to display the talent of the students and how they hone their dancing and creative skills at Antara through the year.

We witnessed the dancing souls march in the direction of presenting a world class event, an event which has become a memory forever, etched in the minds and hearts of loving parents, family and friends present there. An absolutely magical evening was experienced. The students lived their dream and inspired us to reach out to our own dreams. It was rightly called, The Dream Catcher.

You are never old to dream another dream, and never too late to chase every dream…be a Dream Catcher!

The event had a participation of more than 60 students from the age group of 3 – 45 years. The students performed classical forms like Kathak, different folk dances of India like Bhangra, Lavni, Rajasthani etc. and Bollywood. We even had glimpses of Latin Dance forms like Salsa, Bachata and Belly dance. The trainers and the excelling students were given mementos to recognize their passion, dedication and to boost their spirits. Two months of hard work beautifully came down on stage in two hours.

The breathtaking moment was when all the students along with their instructors danced together on the song ‘Nachde ne Saare’, an expression of pure joy and incredible spirit for the Grand Finale. The applause and cheering from the audience was the cherry on the cake and testimony to the experience of an evening to remember forever.

Aditi Mittal
Dancer. Dreamer
Studio Antara