Flamenco: Poetry of the Arms

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Flamenco Flamenco, refers to a variety of Spanish musical styles developed as early as the 19th century. In November 2010, UNESCO declared it as one of the ‘Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity’. It has become extremely popular all over the world, especially in the United States and what we see today is a fusion form and the American take of the same. Flamenco is often accompanied by a guitar, a palo seco (dry stick) and a dancer performing a series of choreographed dance steps and improvised styles. The dancer is the protagonist of the singer’s narrative and its interpreter. Flamenco dancing is a very [...]


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Music and Style Garba is a dance form originated in Gujarat, also known as ‘Garbha Deep’, which means ‘womb’ and ‘earthen lamps’. It is a joyful style of dance, based on a circular pattern and characterized by a sweeping action from side to side. Garba performances often include singing and musical accompaniment provided by Dhol, Dholak, hand claaping and assorted idiophones, such as cymbals.  History and Essence  Garba dance celebrates fertility, honour woman hood and pay respect to an array of mother goddesses. It was traditionally performed around Garbha Deep, representing life just as fetus in the mother’s womb. The dance form worships the divinity and power of [...]

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