Wedding & Special Occasion Choreography

Weddings and special milestones come alive when members of the family, loved ones and friends dance to tunes that recall old memories of happiness and togetherness. Few things in life warm the heart the way wedding memories do. At Antara we excel at creating those moments of magic for you by choreographing graceful, fun and elegant steps making everyone’s dancing feet come alive with joy. From 6 to 95…bring us any age group and our talented and passionate instructors will help create mesmerising performances for weddings or any celebrations in your family.

If your feet are tired and sore, grab your dancing shoes and dance some more!

Over the last several years we’ve had the absolute honour and privilege of working with many elite families of Punjab and Delhi, crafting with them that big day where emotions, fun and masti dot the air with laughter, applause and dance. Ask them and they tell us, “it is such a joy to work with the Antara team…their patience, talent and dedication is par excellence, we’ve had such a great time putting together these dance pieces for our families.”

Be it Bollywood, Kathak, Folk or Salsa…

Our exciting team of  instructors are experts in several dance forms. Be it Bollywood, kathak, folk or salsa…give us a theme and chances are we’ll come up with a flow of music, blend of dance numbers, different styles to suit different ages and help you co create an event to remember for long after it’s over. When you feel these dance styles are not enough we’ll roll out some mind blowing belly dance and bachata moves…who knows?

The next time you have that amazing event around the corner…

Give us a call or just drop by and let’s help you create some magic!

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