Studio Antara, Jalandhar’s #1 dance and creative art studio is one of the most loved and much sought after by dance and art lovers in the city. The Founding Director – Nidhi Mittal, has been recently making news with her all new study and research in the area of healing the mind, body and emotions by working on energy centres called chakras, yoga, movement and dance. She has been training directly under Sidra Jafri the founder of School of Awakening, a global online school of consciousness. Since the last year Nidhi has co facilitated the signature program called Activating Body Harmony alongside Sidra Jafri at her international spiritual retreats in India, Canada and US. 

Early this year Studio Antara successfully conducted a 7 week intensive workshop – Activating Body Harmony which was very well received by its participants who came from different walks of life. With students coming in from Ludhiana and locally, Nidhi facilitated sessions to help them identify their core issues in areas of health, wealth and relationships. Week after week the sessions worked on helping each student go to the point of creation of their biggest challenges and unlock them. Nidhi is joined by her friend Leena Munot from Bangalore who has helped in curating this course and brings great value to the table in the form of meditative processes to help participants clear their challenges using visualization techniques and some deeply immersive exercises. 

Nidhi has also conducted these workshops for students of Christ University, Bangalore and for the faculty of Army School, Jalandhar and has received great feedback about the participants’ experience. 

Says Randeep Mand, “often we hear quotes like ‘Happiness comes from within’ and ‘You are the master of your own destiny!’I read these without believing in them. During the Activating Body Harmony course, I realised the truth in these simple statements. I learnt to keep the mind in the present moment and through affirmations the negative voices in the head were silenced. I realised how through controlling the mind, we can even overcome physical aches and pains. I have discovered the boundless energy that lies within me and can come to my aid anytime I find myself in a difficult situation. Another participant Archna Gupta shared that her family is amazed at the change they see in her. She feels calmer, more relaxed and happier since she did the workshop. 

Nidhi and Leena have just returned from their tour across Canada and US last month where they co-facilitated Activating Body Harmony sessions to reach out to global audiences and make a difference. Says Nidhi, ‘I never imagined that the work I was doing was creating such deep and long lasting transformation in people. This has given me the fuel to go on, share my time and knowledge to make a difference in the lives of people all over the world.’ With her busy schedule of teaching kathak and running the studio full time, she aims at doing a couple more workshops in this month to help more people live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. 

She also conducts healing through dance workshops at her studio and has facilitated the same at Lovely Professional University earlier this year. Her sessions were a great way for the faculty to unwind and learn new ways of dealing with stress to lead more blissful lives. 

She believes the more people she helps, the more happiness they and their loved ones will experience. And this is enough fuel to keep her inspired to move forward in this direction.