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In our first post we thought it would be most apt to share with you who we are and why we exist. So we are Studio Antara, Jalandhar’s most loved dance and creative art studio. We’re 4 years old and growing younger each day with our fondness to learn at every given opportunity and then passionately teach our students the very best. Yes you heard us right! We believe knowledge explodes into limitless joy when shared…and we don’t like to hold back! We give you our all – whether is in our class, an event or personal choreography for events.

Meet our director Nidhi Mittal, who birthed this beautiful space as an extension of her being. A child artist, two time gold medalist in MA, Kathak and a an avid learner – Nidhi lights up the studio with her passion each day and it is but natural that she attracts the most amazing students and keen learners from all age groups to her classes.

Dancing with your feet is one thing, but dancing with your heart is another story.

Coming from a dance background spanning over 35 years, her energy is contagious and known to make even the toughest cookies crack into laughter and shake a leg when the music turns on. Her experience, knowledge and commitment to see her students break from their inhibitions and embrace creative dance forms has translated into bringing forth the hidden talent in children and adults alike.

Walk into her studio during class hours and you would be delighted to hear the magical sound of ghungroos, happy giggles and bols of kathak being doled out like second nature. A conversation with her reveals why people from all age groups throng the studio… “Dance is for everyone, age is just a number in your head!” This core belief is what loosens up muscles of all ages, brings a smile on and slowly and gently feet begin to move on the floor of the studio.

Dance is a way of being for her, a space where she feels one with the universe. Keep following us on our blog and enjoy the upcoming posts on everything related to dance and creative arts. Feel free to share with us on email the kind of posts you enjoy, what you’d like to see more of. the more you talk to us the better we can serve you.

To a life of passion,

Leena Munot
(for Studio Antara)