Activating Body Harmony

Studio Antara in association with School of Awakening presents, ACTIVATING BODY HARMONY – is a 7 week intensive workshop to help you heal your body through yoga, movement and simple dance moves. The aim of the program is to empower you to understand the working of your energy centers and to learn how to balance them so you can experience true harmony in areas of health, wealth and relationships in your life. 

 What you can expect

              Deep understanding of your energy centers and how they work

              Learn the technique to de stress yourself easily and feel light

              Equip yourself with tools to keep your energies at optimum levels

              Experience transformation within through different processes

About the Facilitators

Nidhi Mittal
She is the founding director of Studio Antara, Jalandhar’s (India) most loved and #1 creative and dance studio. A child artist, Nidhi is also a gold medalist MA Kathak and has trained a few thousand students over the past decade. Over the last few years she has been researching in the field of energy by understanding how our chakras work and how harmonizing them can make one experience life from a new perspective. She has had the privilege of co facilitating this workshop along side her guru Sidra Jafri, at her international workshops, helping the participants experience the joy of dance, movement, chakras and healing.

Leena Munot
An entrepreneur, author, blogger, speaker and research scholar with School of Awakening, Leena dons many hats of passion and co facilitates the workshop alongside Nidhi. Leena believes that when one starts to look within, they embark on a journey of self awareness and begin to view their life and challenges through a different lens, changing the way they experience their current living. All this learning and research has been under the guidance of their mentor Sidra Jafri, an international best selling author, psychic healer, medium and timeline specialist. Sidra is also the founder of School of Awakening, a global online school that is created to help people live happier and more fulfilling lives by helping them clear the point of creation of their challenges in areas of health, wealth and relationships.

In India the sessions have been conducted at Studio Antara, Lovely Professional University and Army School in Jalandhar. They have also delivered the same at Christ University, Bangalore. The duo has travelled to US and Canada to deliver sessions of Activating Body Harmony amidst great response and feedback in Vancouver, Phoenix, Sedona and  San Diego.  

Are you ready to create a life that is fulfilling in

areas of health,wealth and relationships? 

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