At Antara, we believe that each trainer breathes a different essence into the studio with his/her passion and talent, honing the creative skills of all students in their own special ways.

Meet our evergreen trainers below and get a glimpse into what makes us who we are.

Meet our powerhouse

Nidhi Mittal
Nidhi MittalDirector, Studio Antara
She needs no introduction! A life long learner of dance, performing on stage since the age of 3, Nidhi is a two time gold medalist in MA, a passionate dance teacher and director of Studio Antara. She’ll show you how age and mind is no bar and all you need is to just show up and this teacher will take you by the hand and initiate you step by step into the amazing and magical world of Kathak. Guru, friend or a guide, she shows up in the avatar you need. She is known to chase her students to their wits end with tough practices till she knows they are world class. You may give up on you, she won’t!
Aditi Mittal
Aditi MittalTrainer
Perhaps one of the youngest and most talented trainers at Antara, Aditi has been learning dance from a very young age and has won many awards for her stunning performances both in school and college. She has participated in IIDC Bangalore, both as a student and as a competing participant. The dance forms she excels in are Salsa, Belly Dance, Bollywood, Bachata and many more. She’s one of our finest trainers and you’ll know why when you see the instant rapport she builds with her students. Aditi is currently completing her graduation in Christ University, Bangalore and hopes to join her mom back at the studio soon. Aditi loves to laze, shop and travel to beaches all over the world.
Prabhjot Kaur
Prabhjot KaurTrainer
Meet the vivacious and stunning performer, Jot Kaur and learn some neat, well defined and clearly mind blowing dance moves from her. When you learn dance from professionals you know you are in the right place, learning the right moves with the right grace. She is a stage artist, faculty of dance at LPU and with her enthusiastic style of teaching she will leave you asking for more. Jot is an ace performer, teacher par excellence and weaves steps to the beats of any number you like with much ease and grace, making the choreography come alive – be it for a wedding, competitive performance or any other event.

Meet Some of Our Guest Trainers

Sufi Raina
Sufi RainaTej Dance Studio
Sufi is the founding director of Tej Dance Studio, California and a much sought after international kathak artist. Spend 5 minutes with this dancing diva and you’ll feel her passion come through. Having dedicated her life to dance, Sufi is a lifelong learner and makes sure she teaches and learns as much as she can wherever she goes…and has touched the hearts of thousands of her fans with her mind blowing performances across different platforms of the world.